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só queria ver a cara de quem chamou ela de gorda um dia…

I’m getting TONS of reblogs on this; more than anything I’ve ever posted before! Let me add a bit more information for those of you reblogging. I am 5’3, 24, and lost the majority of my weight within a year. I have been maintaining and focusing on fitness the past half year. I lost my weight through calorie counting, primarily, while focusing on a healthy, balanced diet with enough protein. For exercise, I lift heavy weights. Any other information, please check out the links on my blog.

Oh, and for those of you reblogging with comments implying I did this to fit the media’s warped ideals for beauty or because of men, with all due respect, you are wrong. (Thank god for Google Translate, since most of the comments like this are in Portuguese). I was not teased for being big, or told I was not beautiful. I lost weight because I was unhealthy and miserable, and my quality of life was degrading daily due to my unhealthy lifestyle. My goals have always been to be fit and healthy, and to make myself the best me I can be. I didn’t do it for the guys, for the attention, or for any other superficial reason. I don’t think I was ugly before, and I don’t think I’m necessarily more beautiful now. However, I feel healthy, radiant, and confident now, and losing weight has indirectly put me on that path.

good for you!  i hope i can make a post like this one day

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i’m down 8 pounds!  been using my weight loss app for 20 days now.  i haven’t started exercising yet, i know i really need to.  just a million more pounds to go :-3….


made it through day 1, stayed under my calorie limit, it was kinda hard.  i’m glad i did it though.  i really like the fitness pal app, i think it’s going to help me be more accountable

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step 1

ok, i weighed myself, this is officially the fattest i’ve ever been.  i called this step 1 because i’ve been afraid of that scale for a long time, with good reason.  i didn’t want to know the number, i didn’t want to face it. well, i have a number now, i’m not quite brave enough to write it on here, not yet.  i did put it tin the fitness pal app on my phone,  i’m gonna try to be accountable today.

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well, i’ve never done this before.  i’m having a particularly bad day, and my internet searches kinda brought me here.  this really has nothing to do with a new years resolution, but i gotta make some serious changes in my life this year.  weight loss and fitness are at the top of that list, but really, there’s so much more than that.  my intention is for no one i know in real life to know about this blog, i’d rather connect with some strangers than for anyone in my life to know how miserable i truly am right now.